May 3

What does this mean?

So if you have been following me a long time, you know that I believe my apartment to be haunted. I have seen shadows, heard laughing, had devices turned on and off and have even seen the face of a little  girl.

For the last few months, I have had nothing. No weird feelings. No cold spots. NADA.

Until last night.

Last night, at around 1am, I was awakened (awoke, awaked, WTF ever) by what I thought was the sound of my daughter calling my name. I sat up and saw what looked like my 9 year old sitting straight up in her bed. I called her name but didn’t get an answer.

I heard some rustling to my left in my living room and when I turned my head I saw what I THOUGHT was my 4 year old sitting on the living room floor. 

I called to her, no answer.

I stood up and walked toward “not Bella” and when I got closer I could clearly see it wasn’t my baby. It was a blonde child, whose eyes locked with mine and didn’t blink.

I think I might have peed myself, because everything after that kind of blurred. I went back to my bedroom,  checked the baby, walked to the girls room, and made sure they were okay and peeked my head back around to see if what I thought I saw was still there, was there.

It was. Only I couldn’t see it. I just felt it. Does that make sense?

A few minutes later I walked to the bathroom and as soon as I stepped inside and touched the light switch, I heard the sounds of running footsteps coming right for me…I flipped the light on (after I emptied the remaining contents of my bladder) and the noise stopped.


I can’t even blame this on ice cream because I didn’t have any last night.

Am I officially crazy?

Am I one step away from adopting strays, getting a divining rod and holding seances so I can talk to Elvis?

Why am I the only one that can see this?