• My hives are gone…been gone since Sunday. It’s weird how broken one’s brain can be. 
  • The sad part is, the reason my hives lasted as long, is because of my brain.
  • I was convinced that adult benadryl would give me a heart attack. I had such a bad reaction a few years ago, I swore I would never take it again. So, when my throat got scratchy and my face swelled up I took the childrens benadryl because I thought it would work and not aggravate my palpitations. Sadly, all it did was put the hives to sleep for four hours a day. Until I took the adult Benadryl on Saturday, and finally peaced those fuckers out and let my immune system heal and rest…I was never going to get better.
  • So, I stayed high for 24 hours an VOILA.
  • Anyway.
  • Broken brains.
  • American Horror Story is fucking stupid.
  • How do you take an amazing story line and piss on it?
  • Aliens.
  • I’m excited for my vacation. April can’t get here fast enough.
  • I won’t be attending CHSH but I think going to paradise for a week and coming home without tan lines is a much better deal.
  • The Shannon Doherty eduction connection commercial makes me mourn my youth because Brenda Walsh became a tool.