Can you really “meet” someone you already know so much about?

Name: Michele

Height: 5’7…although once upon a time my driver’s license said 5’9 and YES I AM PISSED ABOUT IT because just like with a penis…2 inches changes everything.

Eye color: The darkest brown you can be before black.

Birthday: July 30. I am a Leo in every. single. sense. of. the. word.

Favorite color: Anything that masks my cellulite and lightens the dark circles under my eyes.

Best school subject: English and Biology. I was a science junky.

Mac or PC: I was a die hard PC user for ever and ever amen until I got my fingers on a MAC and now I can’t use anything else.

Current shirt color: steel grey

Gamer: only with love.

Day or night: I have a hard time staying awake past 9 pm.

Celebrity Crush: Adam Levine can fucking get it. So can Peter Dinklage and Sofia Vergara and Pink and Crystal Renn…(google her) and any other hot piece of ass I happen to spy with my little eye.

Coffee: Decaf only(thanks to my shitty heart)…splash of skim with 3 splenda

Favorite food: I love me some meat. Cover that meat with cheese? And I fucking will fuck it until I am chafed.