• My fibro flares are never the same each time I have one. This week has been indescribably stressful. Between my heart hurting and my mind wandering and my surgery this week…I have just been fraught with bullshit. It startes for me as fatigue. That quickly escalates to sore muscles like I have the flu and then my anxiety kicks in and it’s palpitations and migraines and insomnia and hot flashes and this weird pins and needles feeling I get in random places on my person. It starts on my face then movies to my arm then my neck then my ass then my lower legs.  Then I get spasms in my back until I have no choice but to throw myself in my bed and pray for sleep or quiet or just a fucking minute to gather my thoughts.
  • Not that I’m complaining or anything.
  • I just want to run away. I think about it far too much. I just want me time. I want to lie down and not have to get up to cut anyone’s meat or clean an ass or a face or fold anything or mop something or sign anything or break up a fight or even just wear fucking pants. How does one achieve this? Like for realsies
  • I spent about 45 minutes today mourning the fact I will not be with my friends this weekend. I fell in love with Michigan when I was there last year…Art Prize…the people..the slower mentality…SHUT UP…ITS A THING. I hope everyone takes pics and has the best time ever because life is short and nothing is better than making memories.
  • I am cooking pork chops for dinner. It IS as exciting as it sounds.
  • The lab screwed up my blood work and now I have to go back tomorrow morning to have my presurgery testing done again because YA KNOW I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO.
  • I might be a little cranky..I can neither confirm or deny this.