Love them.

Love them.

Look at them!
Aren’t they great?
Life is good.

For the last three hours I have been arguing with people who posted on an article in my local newspaper about the UFT and Sharpton and the rally organized for next week here in NYC.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I know nothing good will ever come with arguing with ignorant people incapable of seeing anyone’s side but their own, but yet, I do it…raising my blood pressure and screaming at my laptop because…

What else do I have to do?

Every ache and every pain means something serious is just lying beneath the surface ready to kill me. I wish my brain reacted normally to pain, but it just refuses to get it’s shit together and I seriously just want to grab a melon baller and scoop it right out of skull just so I can have five minutes of peace.

Tumblr is doing a lot of unfollowing and misbehaving and stuff.

I havn’t unfollowed anyone…so if anyone notices that I have, blame the MAN, not me.

I have been completely wrapped in spending time with the kids and therefore have been ignoring all of you. I would say I’m sorry but I’m not.

Charlee goes home on Friday, but it’s looking like that’s just a temporary thing and she will be back (probably for good) before Thanksgiving.

I’ve been doing a lot of cheating on my diet and not enough exercise to compensate, and although I haven’t gained any weight I don’t feel as cute as I did a week ago and that shit ends right now.

I have had nothing but headaches for 2 weeks now and I just wish I could get my brain in check because this whole face splitting agonizing  eye/head pain is absolute bullshit.

Dad is still in hospital. They removed more of his foot on Friday (the entire heel and remaining ligaments and tendons) and he was accepted back in the nursing home he was in a few weeks ago, but he cannot be moved without a wound vac and we are still waiting for that to arrive. His room mate in the hospital died suddenly yesterday and my dad witnessed them working on him for 45 minutes and it left him a little depressed and scared and maybe a little remorseful for not taking better care of himself. Sadly, I think it’s too little too late…but I understand his heartache.

School starts in 3 weeks and I think the kids are more excited to go back then I am to have them go. I just hate getting up at 5:45 in the morning.

Also? Back to school shopping is tedious. And expensive. And the only two times I literally cry about how fast and loose I was with my sex and my uterus is when I Christmas shop and when I have to buy 8 sets of sneakers, backpacks and school supplies. Sigh…

I’m looking for a job. It’s almost impossible to do. I haven’t worked years and I have absolutely no skills. Can’t I just get paid to be obnoxious?

Happy monday and stuff, bitches…I miss you.

Robin Thicke is giving a free concert next Friday morning in Central Park. Who wants to meet me in the city at 5 am for coffee, bagels and inappropriate songs about consent??

Another great day.

We’re heading into the city.  Pray for me.

We’re heading into the city. Pray for me.

Love her

Love her